Being Edgy
I've been having an interesting conversation with a group of seasoned coaches here in Minneapolis. It is around the issue of transparency, or as we were calling it "seeing the coach's humanity."

We were all in agreement that unless we as clients saw the humanity in our coach it was a less than powerful coaching experience.

This conversation had grown out of a much "harder" conversation about "edgy" coaches, or seeming lack there of, in the community.

Edgy is about saying what needs to be said in a sharp simple clean manner.
  • Sharp/hard - saying exactly what needs to be shared, aka sharing what is there.
  • Simple - don't couch it, wrap it up "nice" and pretty, check w.a.i.t. (why am I talking).
  • Clean - Zero baggage attached. Is this about the client or me, the coach. No (e)motional charge to it.
all the while respecting the client's humanity.
Some have mentioned that this is about being "hard" and that it is about who we are while we are being hard.(for deeper learning about this take some Arbinger Institute programss or read Leadership & Self Deception or The Anatomy of Peace) I would go a step further, are you honoring the client's soul and yours by speaking the truth. When you do the walls come down.

I will fire a coach, and have many, who will not show me their own humanity and who will not be hard with me.

Clients come to me because they know I will be hard, true, human, and respectful, though often irreverent with them in their growth.