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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage”
-Anais Nin
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The Model:


CoachingIntentionally™ Model, Copyright 2002 Matthew Rochte All rights reserved


The CoachingIntentionally Model© is a model for coaching, living, BEing, being in flow, in the zone, connecting to what is important, living from soul/lifeforce. It came into being in 2002 during a powerfully "in the zone" period of my life when it struck me that these five elements and their interrelation were the components that kept me in the flow, happy, and clear on my path.

Over the past four years it become apparent that it is also a model for smart working, smart leading, communicating about what matters most, and for me professionally as a coaching model - a coaching from within model.

Learn More about the model and its components here

  • CoachingIntentionallyCoaching from soul (within)
  • LivingIntentionally™Living from soul
  • WorkingIntentionallyWorking from soul
  • LeadingIntentionallyLeading from soul

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