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President’s Message for the April 2005 MCA Catalyst
Reflections On February’s MCA Program with Richard Leider,

Richard Leider came to speak to the MCA about claiming leadership.   During the question and answer period of the program was asked about how he would select someone to recommend as a coach. What credentials would he look for? After very deliberate reflection he responded with two key components and several other adjunct criterion. I loved his response.


  1. Show me you statement of ethics
  2. What is your anthropology of coaching?
  3. Organizational Grounding (to work in businesses, corporations or with executives)
  4. Belong to a coaching organization
  5. Credentialling & Specialties (Niches) & credentialing in those niches
  6. You must have a coach yourself

It is on the first two and the last that hold the most juice for me right now and as such have been the topic of many conversations in the past three weeks.

What is your personal code of ethics? What about your professional Code of Ethics? Is it stated in every introductory packet and in your literature? Having served on the ICF Ethics and Standards Committee for over two years I can tell you how important it is to not only have a code of ethics but to know them and follow them. A code of ethics makes questionable actions really clear and provides a clear choice for decision making outside the heat of the issue. Both the ICF and the IAC have strong Ethical Code for its members. The ICF code is annually revisited and honed to be a stronger tool and educational instrument. If you are a member of either organization you are required by the membership and certification agreements to abide by those codes and keep abreast of their updates. For example the ICF Board just approved a new code on 1/22/2005. As an ICF or IAC member you will be held accountable to that code of ethical conduct.


Second comment was the idea of having a personal anthropology of coaching. What is your view of the nature of human beings? What is your view of the nature of coaching? Where has it come from and where is it going? Have you asked yourself the big questions?

So ask yourself what are the 7 or 10 statements that reflect my anthropology of coaching? What do I believe about coaching? It is important to not to just repeat what your coaching school taught you, but rather truly understand and investigate the nature of what you are saying. What is your point of view? Dick Leider (and Dave Buck & Thomas Leonard) would argue that great minds and leaders have a point of view. As coaches we are leaders - We inspire people. What is your point of view?

Third - You must have a coach yourself. This will be my topic in the May Catalyst.

What powerful programs we bring to the Minnesota Coaches Association. I am so proud and delighted by the strength of this community, its leadership and its members. Together we are learning and by a direct result of our learning, changing the world.
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