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May 2005 MCA President’s Letter
Credibility gap – Coaches Without Their Own Coaches.

To continue the discussion about credibility in coaching provoked by Richard Leider’s comments (see April Catalyst) I want to discuss something I am passionate about.   I strongly believe that coaches should have their own fully paid coaches.  

Last year I shocked the Fast Company Coaching SIG that I was hosting by publicly rejecting an offer to do buddy coaching with a coach who didn’t have a coach nor want to pay for one.

What does this say about you?  What are we saying about our profession when we are not willing to pay for coaching ourselves. 

You only evolve to the level of the community you associate with.

Do you want to evolve as a coach?  Do you want to get better, sharper, cleaner, more masterful, have a sustainable practice?  

I have moved away from buddy coaching and moved into hiring coaches outright if I value their work and vice versa. It is an issue of industry and personal integrity. Do I value the profession enough to pay for it myself? Last year I worked with and paid for four coaches concurrently (yes you read that correctly) in addition to working with peer coaches in the Arbinger Network.        

I am not saying peer coaching is a bad thing, I actually have two peer networks from whom I get coaching regularly (Arbinger & Corvus Enterprises).   I would actually encourage you to have peer coaches to help you get better.  Though peer coaching alone is not sufficient if this is your profession.

Don’t you want to become the best coach you can be? 

Go hire a coach or three to help you be just that.  Hire a coach that will get you there, that will stretch you, that will take you into a new level of thought, that will elevate the community you associate with. 

If you wish to discuss a coaching or mentor coaching relationship with me, I am open to that just don’t ask to be my buddy coach.   My favorite clients are business owners creating sustainable businesses and second seasoned coaches who want to get at the soul and art of what coaching is. In the case of the coaches, I get both my favorites in one..

I let people know who my coaches are on my website.  How about you?


Matthew Rochte

MCA President 2005
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