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key.jpg This area is always under reconstruction as new resources come into my awareness and old ones become less useful.   If you know of a great resource that should be shared with this list, let me know.  Drop me an email or add a comment.
  • Professional Services  ( 2 items )
    People, Professionals, and services you need to be aware of who do a smashingly good job at what they do.
  • Coaching Books  ( 4 items )
    These are books about coaching, coaching theory, coach approaches, and the industry.   If you want to become cross-diciplined in your coaching style I highly recommend expanding your library of reference for what is coaching.
  • Journals  ( 2 items )
    As part of my passion and love for the industry I read a lot about the industry. These are journal and news sources both in print and online. Check them out.
  • Business Books  ( 4 items )
    These are books about business and the business of coaching.  They offer easy to digest and strong foundations for the business of coaching.   Business structure to business theory to marketing for coaches to professional presence.
  • Coaching Links  ( 3 items )
    Industry, Community, and Association Links
  • Website Tools  ( 2 items )
    All those doodads and whatchamajiggees that make websites really cool as well as practical links and services that make building, designing, and maintaining a coaching website easy.
  • Meditation Resources  ( 3 items )
    So often I am asked for resources on how to quiet the mind or how to meditate.  So here are some of my favorite resources.
  • Other Resources  ( 2 items )
    Everybody has a miscellaneous drawer.  Well, this is the CoachingIntentionallyResource Miscellaneous folder.  As common themes emerge new categories will be created and they will migrate out of this folder.  Feel free to share your favorite resources.
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