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“Its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.”
-Hans Selye
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What do we mean by soul?

We at CoachingIntentionally use the word soul refer to the to lifeforce within us, the light within, the spirit, that which makes us who we are, the source of natural mental health, and/or the source of energy and life within each of us. Soul is one of those things for which words are a lacking, though, we all know/sense that there is some inner knowing that guides us through life if we let it.

We believe that this lifeforce or soul (which we will use interchangeably throughout our work) continually generates, creates, and provides for us what we say that we want. It continually heals and nurtures us and creates the natural balance of health within us. It is made up of that which is the source of all. Our lifeforce is continually generating and releasing Thoughts of expansion, play, connection, energy, wonder, and health through us..

The Thoughts that come from from the soul and lifeforce are generous, creative and expanding.

Soul and Lifeforce does not understand the concept of "lacking".  Lacking, suffering, worry, and other negative thoughts come from the other source of Thought within us know as our ego, our stored thoughts, our stories, our history, our mind.

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