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What is different about my coaching and the coaching of CoachingIntentionally? Here is a true story of a one of my client's we'll call Sam it transpired over a couple of sessions so I have concatenated it here. 

I was working with a client today who we’ll call Sam.   I’ve known Sam for quite a while and regularly he asks me - "so, what IS a coach?" To test me and to see if I’ve honed my answer.

Well, today I turned the tables on him.
After an exceptionally powerful session, I asked him, "So, Sam, what IS a coach?"

He pauses realizing what I’ve done - almost a deer in the headlights look.
Then, with a flash his face relaxes and a big grin comes over his face.  

Sam says, "What I see before me is emotional chiropractics"  

I am flabergasted.   "Wow, that's really cool!"

Sam "Well, its like when your chiropractor gives you adjustments so that your body and lifeforce can heal itself better, re-alignment so that it flows smoothly."

Me: "I am not so sure about the emotional part.  Was I working with your emotions or were you just aware of the emotions coming forth?

Sam: "More the emotions coming forth, the adjustments came a a much deeper level"

Me: "A soul level?"

Sam: "Yeah, an alignment with my soul so it can flow smoothly . . ."

Me: "And see and listen cleanly to what is going on."

Sam: "Yeah"

Me: "May I tweak your idea a bit?"

Sam: "Sure"

Me: "What happens if we substitute spiritual for emotional"

Sam: "That's good, spiritual chiropractics. . .  a  spiritual chiropractor"

Sam:  "Thats it!  That's what you are!  Aligning the soul so my lifeforce can be free to do what it needs to do/to be"

Me: "MMMmmmm Yummy, what a luscious thought."

Sam:"Matthew, I've worked several other coaches thoughout my life, but nothing like this.  Today was so different.  In the past I've always felt that I could hide or run away from what I learned.  Today my soul literally spoke to me.  And you were there too. You heard it didn't you?"

Me: "Yes Sam, you are beautiful.  It's been waiting for you to listen to it for years and is not upset that you haven't.  It wants you to be happy." 

Sam: "Yes, I felt that.  My soul was so clear.  'Do not pass go.  This is what you need to do. It is the right thing to do on a cosmic level and a very practical level. It is going painful and you are going to be ok.' I know I am, I'll be better than ok, now that I can see what's really going on.  I don't think I can ever go back to the way I was now, and that's a good thing.  How did you do that?"

Me: "Trade secret, I'm glad it was helpful"

Sam: "Thank you!" 

Note: Not all coaches are spiritual chiropractors. Very few indeed are. It takes a special kind of training to go deeper than the emotions and get to a point where the client can observe it all and be ok. It takes a specific state of mind to create the space for this to happen. This is part of the ART of Coaching that I teach.  This is what "Coaching from Within" is about - this is also an element of Tourqois Coaching 

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